Haven’t seen me in a while?

I used to do 3-4 shows a month when I was really active with my jewelry.  The economy forced me to make some major life changes, and I’m not able to travel full time and support myself with just jewelry, but I am still creating new jewelry and am actively selling it online.  I’m increasing my web exposure so it’s easier to find me, and taking a more active roll in updating my jewelry presence on the web.

New Jewelry is Here!

I designed some brand new pieces at the end of last year.  Shown above is the “Striated Byzantine”.  Which is a new wide bracelet made from a variation of the popular byzantine pattern.  The byzantine is interwoven with large rings to create a sheet which has a beautiful interwoven alternation.  The sheet can be extended to any width if you’d like to make a custom order, or available as pictured now.

More new jewelry designs are in the works!

New Website

I have completely redesigned my website.  The new look and layout is just one part of a new online presence that will be easier for me to maintain and update.  It should also be simpler and easier to place orders and see what’s new.

Where to find me on the web:

The website is now updated to only show only in stock jewelry, so orders will ship within 2-3 days, on average.

Facebook:   www.facebook.com/artthouglorious
Amazon :

Earrings are Coming

With the move to amazon and the new website ready, I’m bringing back a lot of old favorites, and adding some jewelry to the web which hasn’t been online before.  Currently Amazon is only allowing me to sell my fashion jewelry line, so I’m creating a lot of copper and brass jewelry to feature on Amazon.  This includes bringing a lot of my earrings online which have never been photographed.  Naturally that’s a big job and is going to take some time.  But as soon as I’m happy with the pictures then they’ll be coming online everywhere.  To the left is a sneak peak at one of the Copper Twin Triangle earrings, beaded with clear quartz tear drops.  A stunning earring.

Sterling Silver is Here

If you love the sterling silver, then my website and facebook will be the places to find it.  I have some great Sterling Silver and Amethyst pieces on hand, like the Sterling and Amethyst Twin Triangle bracelet pictured to the right.  I also have several Copper and Sterling and Brass and Sterling combination pieces available.  More images of these great pieces will be coming shortly, as well as other designs once I’m able to get them photographed.

How to Help
If you’d like to help me out, please post reviews on either the website or Amazon, and share the facebook.  I’d love your help to gain a bunch of new jewelry fans!

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