New Jewelry Website Launched

Copper Twin Triagle BraceletThose of you that know me well, know that I spent 5 years on the road supporting myself exclusively by making jewelry.  Now that I have root and a solid place to work from I’ve been doing a wide variety of new things, which has recently included selling my jewelry on Amazon, especially my copper bracelets.  I’m also working on learning new chainmail weaves, and creating new designs.
cu_striated_byzSo I’ve been expanding my inventory and decided it was finally time to redesign the website and get that launched.  You can find that here: I’m going to be staying on top of the website inventory and only including stock that I have on hand on the site and Amazon. You can find the Amazon store here: Art Thou Glorious on Amazon, and you can also find me on Facebook as well.

As I get new jewelry finished it will be added to one or all of these locations. Currently Amazon has only approved my fashion jewelry line, so you will only find my Copper Bracelets and Brass jewelry on there. For the Sterling Silver jewelry you’ll need to head to the website.

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