Haven’t seen me in a while?

I used to do 3-4 shows a month when I was really active with my jewelry.  The economy forced me to make some major life changes, and I’m not able to travel full time and support myself with just jewelry, but I am still creating new jewelry and am actively selling it online.  I’m increasing my web exposure so it’s easier to find me, and taking a more active roll in updating my jewelry presence on the web.

New Jewelry is Here!

I designed some brand new pieces at the end of last year.  Shown above is the “Striated Byzantine”.  Which is a new wide bracelet made from a variation of the popular byzantine pattern.  The byzantine is interwoven with large rings to create a sheet which has a beautiful interwoven alternation.  The sheet can be extended to any width if you’d like to make a custom order, or available as pictured now.

More new jewelry designs are in the works!

New Website

I have completely redesigned my website.  The new look and layout is just one part of a new online presence that will be easier for me to maintain and update.  It should also be simpler and easier to place orders and see what’s new.

Where to find me on the web:

The website is now updated to only show only in stock jewelry, so orders will ship within 2-3 days, on average.

Facebook:   www.facebook.com/artthouglorious
Amazon :

Earrings are Coming

With the move to amazon and the new website ready, I’m bringing back a lot of old favorites, and adding some jewelry to the web which hasn’t been online before.  Currently Amazon is only allowing me to sell my fashion jewelry line, so I’m creating a lot of copper and brass jewelry to feature on Amazon.  This includes bringing a lot of my earrings online which have never been photographed.  Naturally that’s a big job and is going to take some time.  But as soon as I’m happy with the pictures then they’ll be coming online everywhere.  To the left is a sneak peak at one of the Copper Twin Triangle earrings, beaded with clear quartz tear drops.  A stunning earring.

Sterling Silver is Here

If you love the sterling silver, then my website and facebook will be the places to find it.  I have some great Sterling Silver and Amethyst pieces on hand, like the Sterling and Amethyst Twin Triangle bracelet pictured to the right.  I also have several Copper and Sterling and Brass and Sterling combination pieces available.  More images of these great pieces will be coming shortly, as well as other designs once I’m able to get them photographed.

How to Help
If you’d like to help me out, please post reviews on either the website or Amazon, and share the facebook.  I’d love your help to gain a bunch of new jewelry fans!

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New Jewelry Website Launched

Copper Twin Triagle BraceletThose of you that know me well, know that I spent 5 years on the road supporting myself exclusively by making jewelry.  Now that I have root and a solid place to work from I’ve been doing a wide variety of new things, which has recently included selling my jewelry on Amazon, especially my copper bracelets.  I’m also working on learning new chainmail weaves, and creating new designs.
cu_striated_byzSo I’ve been expanding my inventory and decided it was finally time to redesign the website and get that launched.  You can find that here: www.ArtThouGlorious.com. I’m going to be staying on top of the website inventory and only including stock that I have on hand on the site and Amazon. You can find the Amazon store here: Art Thou Glorious on Amazon, and you can also find me on Facebook as well.

As I get new jewelry finished it will be added to one or all of these locations. Currently Amazon has only approved my fashion jewelry line, so you will only find my Copper Bracelets and Brass jewelry on there. For the Sterling Silver jewelry you’ll need to head to the website.

Traveling Drum Store

Traveling Drum Store

Traveling Drum Store

In 2014 I decided it was time to start something new, and since I have been pouring myself into music almost completely I decided I should start something that we can grow into an opportunity to support ourselves with our music. So I decided to start a drum store. Currently we’re mostly selling doumbeks and tars, but also some djembes and riqs. We also have a decent selection of drum heads and zils. Eventually we’ll expand the product line to include stringed instruments and more drums, like Tupans, Tabla, and Zarb, and perhaps some wind instruments if we can.
We also have some learning materials, Raquy Danziger’s books, and Billy Woods rhythm CD. And Sarah is teaching drumming classes, both at events and at our home. Eventually we’ll be producing our own rhythm CDs and music and it’s likely we’ll both eventually teach classes and private lessons once we get enough students.

So far it’s been a really great experience for both of us, we have a lot of fun selling at events andwe’ve also sold a number of drums online. I’d love to get a lot more drums into people’s hands, so please checkout the Gypsy Drums at any of these locations:

www.gypsydrums.com – or – Gypsy Drums on Facebook

The Castle for Sale

‘The Castle’

The Castle open for selling

The Castle open for selling

The castle is a custom built RV Trailer/Tiny Home. I designed the castle approximately 8 years ago while traveling full-time and selling jewelry at medieval and renaissance events. Thus the castle was designed to be a merchant booth and home as well. The castle features two large windows which fold open to provide a selling counter. The “front” of the booth is the right side of the trailer, and has two removable “battlements” which attach with three flag poles to complete the castle facade. The interior of the castle is finished with fabric, and has a large kitchen area with a two burner stove and tons of counter space. The interior design features a large walk-in closet with two dressers, and a loft bed area above. The Castle 2The roof is white EDPM and has two decent size solar panels which charge 4 batteries which are stored underneath the trailer. The solar system is currently setup running and can power both 12volt and 110 lighting, as well as small appliances. The interior also has a large fabric covered bench which opens for additional storage.

- 12Volt solar system (approx 300 Watt – 2 panels, 4 batteries)
- Fabric covered interior

Facing the kitchen, selling side

Facing the kitchen, selling side

- 2 large fold out selling counters
- Castle facade
- Large kitchen counter with two burner stove and lots of storage
- Bench seat with storage
- Fold our computer/laptop desk
- Heavy duty storage drawers in central location
- Walk-in closet with full length mirror, two dressers, and lots of hanger room
- Loft bed area, large enough for queen sized bed
- Cherry wood flooring
- Propane tank storage in front compartment
- High capacity jacks on all four corners for easy leveling

Bench side

Bench side

You might be wondering why I am selling it, as it is obviously a wonderful small home/rv. The answer is mildly complex, but comes down to the fact that I’m not really using it, and have only been using it for 1 event a year for the past 4 years. It really needs to see more usage than this, and needs some upkeep/TLC to keep it in happy working order, and rather than just letting it deteriorate in my driveway for another 5-10 years before I’m likely to use it again I’d rather see it go to a happy home that will give it the love it needs.

The castle is currently located in Tucson Arizona, and I would prefer not to deliver it. This is a heavy/large RV and will require a full-sized truck to tow it, and a diesel makes it easier.

$7,500 $6,500 or best offer (delivery extra)

Please contact me at caris@arthouglorious.com or through the site if you are interested.

Summer Retreat with Raquy Danziger

This summer I spent an entire month studying doumbek with Raquy Danziger, it was very a transformative experience. Raquy used to live in New York, but now lives in Istanbul where she can study split hand technique, and then she comes back to NY several times a year to teach. Study at the retreat focuses on learning Raquy’s compositions, but we also work on technique, clarity, timing, and speed.

Raquy structures the retreat around her normal study practices, starting each day with meditation in the morning, having group classes to work on a piece or technique a couple times a day, vegetarian meals throughout the day, and yoga in the evening. In between times are used for personal practice or practice with other students to work on sections of the compositions. During the evenings there are usually jams, or additional study, but there is also time to take a break go on a nature walk, enjoy the fireflies, play badmitten or ping pong, and enjoy the experience.

Those of us there for the month all learned two pieces, “Shame on You” by Raquy and “Drum Line” by Leron Peled. Both pieces have their own challenges and are quite intricate. The pieces really push you to learn new techniques and polish your playing style, as you want to really learn the pieces well and perform them each weekend. We also learned backing drums for “Dance of the Witches” which is a track on Raquy’s forthcoming album, and a piece played by an amazing Oud player named Hiagg Minutian (sp?). And we had jams throughout the month with amazing musicians like Carmine Guida, and we also had an great workshop with Glenn Velez who is incredible on the frame drum and other percussion. I can’t really speak highly enough about this event, it was very worth while if you are serious about doumbek and interested in split hand technique at any level.

Belly Dance Performance

Alright, it’s time to get a little more serious about the blogging…

I want to talk about my music a bit.  For the last several years I have been building skill as a hand drummer, studying doumbec and working on the art of drumming for belly dancers.  This all started as a fun hobby in the Society for Creative Anachronisms (SCA), but it has grown into a genuine interest in the music and art of drumming for dancers.  I have now studied with some great instructors, including Souhail Kaspar and Raquy Danziger, and they have both influenced my style, but I have also worked with many instructional DVDs and CDs and played with drummers across the United States who have also influenced my playing and beats.

What started as a drum circle hobby over the past couple of years has grown in the direction of playing with small ensembles, and over the past year I have also started studying a lot of electronic music.  At the beginning of 2011 I connected with Seraphim Rose, who is a great guitar player, dancer and hand drummer.  We have been working since to create music together and conquer the challenges involved with that, learn more and grow as musicians while exploring our creative interests.  As a means to connect more as artists, both with each other and with other musicians we have both begun studying music in earnest, theory, piano, and production – giving us a solid foundation as artists to work from; as well as continuing to build skill on our respective instruments in our Tucson home and studio.

We settled in Tucson, Arizona in November 2011 and rented a house with the intent of building our music contacts and have the practice space and studio setup so that we can write music and start performing seriously.  About a month ago we connected with Patrick the Butcher who is a drummer and guitar player who we have known for several years, but who also recently moved to Tucson.  Patrick plays Djembe with a style which is a fusion of both African and Middle Eastern drumming, and also plays rhythm guitar and signs a lot of folk songs.  With Patrick we have an excellent connection which fits well with my our drumming, and also with Seraphim’s guitar playing.  Patrick’s chord progressions give an excellent foundation for Sarah to write music from, and he and I play a solid rhythm together which gives our music an solid beat for belly dance.  We immediately started writing music together under the guise of “The permanently floating riot club” and booked our first performance with the ladies of Troop Hypnotic, the connection of us all can only be described as serendipitous.  Our initial performance together (Feb 11th, 2012) went over with great success, it was a beautiful day, the music was outstanding, and the ladies danced stupendously – we performed two original songs, a couple of drum jams, and some solos.  It was well received, and can best be described as the beginnings of greatness.  Everyone was extremely excited by how quickly everything came together and how great it felt, we’re all excited to write more music, build more performances, and book additional gigs.

Video from the performance should be available soon.

Introducing CaristheGypsy.com

Welcome to my blogging site, this is the place to come to find out what is happening in my life.  Whether you are interested in learning about my travels, alternative lifestyles, music, jewelry, or just random rants as I have adventures and learn more about life, this is the place to do it.  Eventually this site will likely replace my facebook page, link to my other websites, (like my Chainmail Jewelry Site) and have lots of great information about my music as I develop my sound, and write and publish some songs.  But for now things are just getting setup….